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This paragraph will explain how to setup quantities per Container and Pallet types for items and item unit of measures.

Container / Pallet

Before we can setup the quantities per container and pallet type we need to setup the Container and Pallet types themselfs.

This can be done following the instruction on below link for Container / Pallet.

Content per Type

From te item card or item list you can start the Content per Type option via Navigate > HB SmartTrade > Setup > Quantities per Pallet/Container.

The Content per Type list is filtered automatically on the selected item no.. Select the Item Unit of Measure and enter the Maximum Quantity (Base) field. It is important to setup multiple lines if multiple Item Unit of Measures exist for this item. The system always uses the combination of Pallet/Container and Unit of Measure.

For loose stacked containers or pallets you are able to just enter the Quantity per Layer, Number of Layers and Number of Stacks field to calculate the Maximum Quantity field.

The records on this table are used to calculate the amount of pallets/containers on Purchase / Sales Documents and Cost Calculations.

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