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This paragraph explains how Item Status can be setup and related to the items. Further we will explain how to make use of the Item Status Sales / Purchase warning.

Item Status

The Item Status List can be found by using the Tell me what you want to do function by searching for HB Item Status List. It can also be found browsing to HB SmartTrade/Setup > HB Master Data Setup > HB Items > HB Item Status List.

Clicking the new button will enter a new record. Enter a Code and Description for the Item Status. With checking fields you can select the documents items having this Item Status can be used on. Following document types and functions can be selected.

  • Purchase Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Purchase Price Proposal
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Blanket Sales Order
  • Sales Price Proposal
  • Production Order

On field Style Expression you can select a Style which the system will show the items with on the item list.


In field Item Status on the item card under the HB SmartTrade fast tab the Item Status for this item can be selected from the Item Status List.

Status Warning

The Item Status list can be setup with a Sales and Purchase Warning text. On these fields you can enter the Warning text users will see when entering an item on a Sales or Purchase document which has an Item Status containing a warning text and has the Show Purchase and/or Show Sales Warning flag set True.

This warning text is show directly after validating the Item No. field on the Purchase and/or Sales Line.

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