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This paragraph will explain how to setup an make use of the Required Documents functionality within HB SmartTrade.

Required Documents

To setup the Required Documents you can use the Tell me what you want to do function searching for HB Document Types List or browse to HB SmartTrade/Setup > HB Master Data Setup > HB Sales (only available from Business Central 15).

On the HB Document Type List press new to enter a new Required Document. Enter a Code and Description and optional you can select the Print on Inventory List option if you want this document type to be printed on a specific report.

Select the Translation option in the ribbon if you want to add translation for different languages you intend to use on Document Layouts. Instead of the general description you are able to print the Translations setup.

Document Checklist

After setting up the HB Document Types you are able to select one or more Required Documents for Sales / Purchase Documents.

On this Sales or Purchase Document select Document Checklist via Actions > HB SmartTrade > Related > Document Checklist.

On page HB Purch/Sales-Documents you can select one or more Required Documents and per Document Type you can maintain if this Document Type is Required, Present and the data is was received. You can also select which Document Type needs to be printed on the Document Layout and for which language the translation needs to be printed.


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