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HB Required Fields

This paragraph explains how to setup and work with HB Required fields. Setup required fields or fields with default values.

Field Setup

The setup for the User Defined Fields can be found using the Tell me what you want to do function searching for HB Field Setup List.

It can also be found by browsing to HB SmartTrade Field Management > HB Field Setup List (only available from Business Central 15).

To add a record press New. The Table No. field indicates for which table you want to setup the Required Fields for.

  • Table 27 = Item table
  • Table 18 = Customer table
  • Table 23 = Vendor table

After entering the table no. click on the Lines option in the ribbon. On the HBST Field Setup Line page you can enter a field no. or select a field clicking the assist button in the Field No. Column. The field name will appear after entering or selecting the Field No.

Within the Condition filed you have 3 options:

  1. Must have a value
    This option requires users to enter any value for the selected field before they can leave the corresponding page (depending on table no.).
  2. Must be empty
    This option does not allow any value for the selected field. Having any value on the selected field will not allow the user to close the corresponding page (depending on table no.).
  3. Fixed Value
    This value will automatically enter the content of the Fixed Value column on new records into the selected field.
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