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HB Sea Freight Charges

This paragraph explains how Transport Cost for transport by Sea or Air can be setup to be used within the HB Cost Calculations.

Exit Point

Transport Times and Transport Costs are related to the Exit points. Exit points usually are setup for international harbors and airports.

Exit points can be found bu using the Tell me what you want to do (Ctrl + Q) function searching for Entry/Exit Points or browse to HB Logistics > Entry/Exit Points (only available from Business Central 15).

On the Entry/Ext point list you can create new Entry/Exit points.

You are only able to setup Route Transport Times and Rout Transport Prices for Entry/Exit Points with the Departure/Arrival field set to Departure or Both.


Transfer Prices

Select a Entry/Exit Point with Departure/Arrival type Departure or Both and click on Route / Transport Price via the Action tab.

The HB Transport Route Prices page is filtered on the Exit Point you selected above.

Choose the Entry Point Code from the list, Select the Transport Method, Container Type. If applicable set the Starting and Ending date for this line en enter the Amount and choose the Currency for this amount.

If a foreign currency is set to this line, the Amount (LCY) is calculated based on current Exchange Rate.

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