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Sales Budget to Actual

In this chapter we will describe the use of Sales Budgets and the comparison to the Actual results.

Setup Sales Budgets

To make use of the Sales Analysis functionalities and compare Expected vs Actual, Sales Budgets can be created. Search for Sales Budgets via the Tell me what you want to do function and choose the Sales Budgets option under Go to Report and Analysis.

Create a new record an enter a code and description. When needed you can setup 3 Budget Dimensions to use in your analysis. Choose Edit Budget to further setup the Sales Budget Code.

On the header section of the Sales Budget Overview page you can setup which entity you want to show as lines and/or columns. Option are Customer, Item, Location, Period and Vendor. This way you can create different kind of budgets for Item/Customer Combination within a certain period of Location/Item combination.

Next you can choose what kind of budget you want to enter. Options are Sales Amount, Cost Amount or Quantity. In the View by field you select the periods you like to setup budgets for like Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year or Accounting Period. Next it is possible to round all numbers by 1, 1000 of 1000000.

Next you can enter a budget for every combination of Line and Column per Period. Every entered amount or Quantity will create an Item Budget Record. To make life easy it is possible to export the Budget Grid to Excel and and update it in Excel before importing it again.

On the Filter fast tab you are able to filter on Items, Customers or place a date filter to limit the lines of columns shown.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis and budgets are basic Business central functionality. More information on how to set up and make use of Sales Analysis can be found via the link on the Links section of this page.


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