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Sales Quote to Order

This paragraph describes how to convert Sales Quotes into other Sales documents with one single click.

Quote to Order

After creating a Sales Quote you are able to convert the Sales Quote into a Sales Order. Before you do so the Sales Quote needs to be Released. For this you click on Release > Release.

For converting the Sales Quote into a Sales order click Process > Make Order. After confirmation of this action you will be notified the conversion is successful and asked if you want op open the created Sales Order. Within this confirmation the created Sales Order No. is displayed.

On the Sales Order card the Quote No. field shows the Sales Quote No. this Sales Order was created from.

Depending on HB SmartTrade Setup the Sales Quote is saved during this action. Default Business Central settings will always delete the Sales Quote on this action.

Quote to Blanket Order

Instead of converting the Sales Quote into a Sales Order you may first want to create a Blanket Sales Order.

After finalizing the Sales Quote press Release > Release to set status to Released. Fro creating a Blanket Sales Order from the Sales Quote click Actions > HB SmartTrade > Actions > Make Blanket Order. After confirmation the Quote is copied into a Blanket Sales Order. The confirmation of this is showing the created Document No..

Show (Blanket) Orderlines

To find the connected Blanket Sales Order Lines click Actions > HB SmartTrade > Related > Blanket Order Lines. This will show you an overview of all Blanket Sales Order Lines related to this Sales Quote.

To zoom in to the Blanket Sales Order click Show Document and the corresponding Blanket Sales Order will open.

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