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Sales to Purchase Contract

In this chapter we will describe how you can create a Blanket Purchase Order out of a Blanket Sales Order and how those documents will keep being connected.

Create Blanket Purchase Order

After creating the Blanket Sales Order you can create a Purchase Blanket Order via Actions > HB SmartTrade > Actions > Create Purch.Blanket Order. Business Central will ask for a confirmation for creating the Blanket Purchase Order.

After positive confirmation the Blanket Purchase Order will be created and a confirmation with the document no. will tell you this was successful.

Navigate to Blanket Purchase Order

To navigate from the Blanket Sales Order to the Blanket Purchase order, follow Actions > HB SmartTrade > Related > Purchase Blanket Order. The related Blanket Purchase Order will be opened.

Existing Blanket Purchase Order

If you want to relate a new Blanket Sales Order to an existing Blanket Purchase Order choose the correct Document Type (Blanket Order) in field Purchase Document Type on the Blanket Sales Order. Next enter or choose the correct Blanket Purchase Order from the list in field Purchase Documentno..

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